Graffiti Busters was delighted to be instructed by Castle Crown Properties to carry out specialist graffiti removal works at this Grade B listed building known as Hanover House.

On this project sensitive cleaning techniques were required to prevent damage being incurred to the underlying stonework; superheated water combined with low pressure washing was the first method employed before a poultice was applied to draw out the remaining pigments over a 24hr period.

Graffiti Busters has since been tasked with DOFF cleaning the front facade and supplying a specialist coating to this category B listed building located within the Edinburgh New Town Conservation Area. Conforming to the requirements of BS EN1504-2 these masonry works have been approved in order to mitigate aginst environmental damage, reduce long-term maintenance costs and provide high resistance to the effects of long term weathering.

A restoration project we are proud to have an active role in thanks to J & E Shepherd.